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Questions about animal cell cultue Please answer - (Jan/06/2010 )

im a new researcher in stem cells with my background in medical biophysics
im having quite a major problem in my lab, i do not have co2 incubator
Can you tell me about manually gassing my cells, in details please?

when flushing the bone of rat, did we get whole bone marrow stem cells? what is the result of culturring these cells?

Thank you


i'm actually having this problem myself - i'm testing out the oxoid co2gen system for my cells. the system is intended for bacteria, but it has been documented for tissue culture.
i've heard of hepes buffer being used for this, but i'm not really sure how the cells will react b/c it's not really intended for w/o co2.
alternatively you could manually gas from co2 cylinders - not really sure about the specifics of that.

-prof. moriarty-