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Bleh, screwedup. How long before FBS goes bad - (Jan/05/2010 )

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled some FBS out of our -80 and put foil around it (to protect it from light while it thawed). I had planned on aliquotting it after it had thawed out for a couple of hours at room temp. Of course, I then forgot about it and just found it this morning. It doesn't look turbid, so do you think it's still good? It's been filtered 0.1 uM so I think it is sterile inside, and I think the foil would help it from degrading. What do you peeps think...?


Hi Matt,

If it's sterile, use a bit of it for culture and see if the cells are OK. I have forgotten unopened, sterile FBS in the 56C water bath for several hours and it was still fine.

If it's not sterile, then toss it.


lab rat

-lab rat-

It should be fine, but there might be a loss of some of the growth factors. I usually thaw overnight at 4 degrees C.