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End of PhD.. and then? - Questions about future carreer (Jan/05/2010 )

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casandra on Jan 7 2010, 03:45 PM said:

Ma chčre have a child? Hope you didn’t give “it” a weird scientific “Bones”….;)….

:o nahhh..he is called Booth!! Just kidding.

casandra on Jan 7 2010, 03:45 PM said:

of course I know how impt money is…I like money like the rest of our western materialistic society….what I meant was that it can’t be the only consideration that we shld have when we’re deciding what to do with our careers or life for that matter.

Yeahh true. I am so happy to have a job I love. Took me years of fight to reach that, but Gosh, was it worth it.


Medical school is not a good option as it will again be very hard working and again you have to struggle for getting the job, but some other options can be useful, I will suggest you to stay in science and get education for the Law school or the enterperunership.
These two things are highy paid and very damanding now a days in the private sector as well.


Or teach SCience?


The OP is assuming his post-doc will go well! It could be that the OP is at a post-doc position for several years and gets no papers, because the project didn't work or some other reason. If this happens, then your possibilites for a great job are severely limited.

For most, getting a PhD is a HUGE risk, unless you are brilliant and great at the bench. If you are brilliant and get publications then good jobs are open, but if not the remaning possibilities pay less and have less prestige, which can hurt your personal life.

Now even the private sector in bioscience is collapsing, becuase of declining drug pipelines.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have gotten a Masters instead of a PhD. With a Masters, you have a better chance of gettinbg a good job than if you are a PhD (unless your absolutely brilliant).

The nice thing about Med School is if you get through, you are virtually guaranteed a high paying job with prestige, which is great for the personal life.

Good luck, OP.....


That's what i'm considering now, StevieRay.

Efforts for a job : no problems.

Efforts (9 years of college so far) for nothing : damn crap.

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