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DE3 expression cassette - (Jan/04/2010 )

I'm hoping this is in the right spot as its a relatively general question, I'm sorry if it needs to be moved.

I'm looking to clone the DE3 cassette (often associated with BL21 (DE3) cells) but I can not find any sequence information. Would anyone be kind enough to point me in the right direction of any sort of sequence info? I've already found the original 1986 Studier paper on creation of BL21 DE3 cells, sadly its not very helpful as no sequences are mentioned.

Many thanks for any help.


Dear Ilya,

i did not really get it what you are looking for? You are looking for the whole stretch of the DE3-phage including the T7polymerase or the stand-alone version of the T7polymerase?

The whole genome of BL21(DE3) is published. You can find it under the following accession numbers in the NCBI Database:

The T7 polymerase can be found at this position:

Acession Number: CP001665

Is this what you are looking for?