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EDTA bacterial cell lysate - (Jan/03/2010 )

Does anybody using EDTA to lysate bacterial cell ?

Could you please provide me the lysate buffer ?

i am using 2 buffers

1) Tris/Cl 20mM, EDTA 2.5mM, sucrose 20% (30mins on ice) 10ml for 1L bacterial culture

2) Tris/Cl 20mM, EDTA 2.5mM (30 mins on ice) 10ml for 1L bacterial culture

I will discard the (1) solution, and then centrifuge down the pellet, then add (2)
I found that almost 50% of the target protein was appeared in the (1)


-Danny Chow-

what kind of bacteria?


aimikins on Jan 5 2010, 07:31 AM said:

what kind of bacteria?


-Danny Chow-