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Help - Looking for U937 (Dec/30/2009 )

Dear friends, our lab is having some problem with the cell tank and sadly, most of the cells cannot be revived.
We still able to save some cell lines as some of them stored in the -80C freezer, not in cell tank.
One of the cell we (my friend) work with, U937, is kept in the cell tank and now they all gone. Ordering from ATCC will take a long time and someone needs the cells to verify previous experiment.
I wonder if anyone is kind enough to spare us some U937?

(I am from one of the Malaysian universities, it would be great (and fast) if anyone from local univ is willing to help).

Thanks, and happy holiday!!!


You are lucky :angry:
call me I think I can arrange that, I know someone working on U937.
Where are you?
I am in USM Penang


Thanks Salem. :blink:
I'll pass your number to my friend and see if she found any "donor". She talked to boss previously, not sure what is the decision after their discussion too.
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what a pure coincidence.. I'm from Malaysia too... Never expected any of us from malaysia.... :wacko: ... I'm still struggling in Melbourne... All the best guys ...