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Is MTS Assay suitable for Adherent cells? - Confused about MTT Assay and MTS assay.. (Dec/30/2009 )

Hi, FYI, i m doing research about adherent cell line, so, i will test my cell viability with MTT Assay whenever i wanna knw about the cell viability % after i treat my cells. So, recently, i saw one of my senior in the lab was using MTS for her experiment to check her cells (suspension cells) viability.
then, i have a question in my mind: would it b possible for me to test my cell viability (adherent cell line) with MTS as well?

Have a nice day.. :)


Yes, the MTS assay can be used to assay viability of adherent cells. The only major differnece betweeen MTT and MTS is that MTS creates a soluble reaction product, therby eliminating the solubilization step required with MTT. You can see a protocl for the MTS assay that Promega sells for comparison here:

Please feel free to contact Promega Technical Services if you would like to talk or chat with more questions.