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Two virus method for transfection - (Dec/29/2009 )

There are two recombinant method of gene expression in cell, as I know at the moment now becasue I am not an expert into that.
retrovius and lentivirus.
which one is good????
can some one shed a light on it. regards


Well a lentivirus is technically a member of the retrovirus family..... Lentis and retros will both integrate into the genome of the cell. Retroviruses require the cell to be actively dividing and the more rapid the division the better the infection efficiency. Lentiviruses are capable on infecting and integrating into cells that are not actively dividing so they are a better choice for most people.

Both viruses are made similary, a retrovirus plasmid or a lentivirus plasmid is packaged in a 293T or 293T-derived cell line. Each virus requires its own specific packaging system (in other words, Phoenix cells won't package lentivectors and lentiviral packaging systems won't package retroviral plasmds)