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Transwell co-culture and thymidine proliferation assay - (Dec/28/2009 )

Hi guys,

I have a problem. Both my cells are adherent cell, BV2 and MSC.
I have to determine the proliferation of BV2 after co-culture with MSC.
However, because both cells are adherent cells, i need to separate both cells with transwell.
Transwell only can fits into 6 well, 12 well and 24 well plate.
Meanwhile, proliferation assay must be prepared in 96 well plate! :)
Should I,
1. trypsinize the cell and transfer from 12 well plate to 96 well plate?
2. is there anyhow i should do? :angry:

Thank you :D


Why must the proliferation assay be done in a 96-well plate? seems that you could scale-up


because the machine only can read 96 well plate B)
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