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third party for drug development - (Dec/28/2009 )

Dear All
In my lab we screen compunds for antitumor activity in vitro and in vivo then characterize the molecular mechanisms of action and publish the findings, but there is a need for reconsidering the issue from a commercial point of view, I mean selling these compounds to a third party (without publicatin of results) that will further do preclinical and if necessry clinical investigations (drug development) . Does anyone can provide me with info about such third parties?


Well, any major drug company can be this party. I know that Merck has a program where they award potential drug targets with a grant.. also Boehringer Ingelheim has relationships and joint projects with academia.

The problem with the whole thing is probably that you have to show convincingly that this drug is worth it (for the company).


Perhaps try going through your institution's technology transfer department?

-Carlton H-