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siRNA staining? - (Dec/27/2009 )

Hi all,
this would be an ultimate silly question to ask, but I've been transfecting cells with siRNA-conjugated with cy-3 and cy-5 on each strands and wondering how I should take an image of these siRNAs to make sure that they are inside of cytoplasm. I am pretty new to this area and looks likes lots of ppl are doing this sort of experiment using immunofluorescence, but having background in chemistry, its way beyond of my understanding so far. Is there anyone who can point me where to start?; for the starters, Im learning about membrane and nucleus staining but need an advice to extend my knowledge.
Thanks :rolleyes:


you can observe your cells a few hours after transfection under an inverted fluorescent microscope. That is the most convenient way of knowing where your labeled siRNA is located. You can also stain your cells with antibody against cy3 or cy5.