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Antibody compatibility between different species - (Dec/21/2009 )

Hi, all
I found human ETV2 antibody whose epitope sequences match with mouse ETV2 at 83% ratio.
The following is the result of ExPASy site for the epitope used to make this antibody.

Score = 33.3 bits (71), Expect = 3.2
Identities = 10/12 (83%), Positives = 10/12 (83%)

Query(Human): 1 RCPKTNHRGPIQ 12
Sbjct(Mouse): 224 RYSKTNHRGPIQ 235

No mouse ETV2 antibody is available now.
Do you guys think that this human ETV2 antibody is worthwhile trying for detecting mouse ETV2?

Merry christmas to all~ :)


it may work. i've used anti-human cathepsin d (polyclonal) to detect bovine cathepsin d.

try it.


Wow -- the difference would be a cysteine (capable of forming disulfide bonds) and a proline (technically not even an amino acid -- it lacks an NH2 group, and is thus really an imino acid -- and it introduces corners in peptides)...


Is the antibody a polyclonal or monoclonal antibody? With a polyclonal antibody, you've got a shot at species cross-reactivity with around 75% homology. If its a monoclonal antibody, you want at leat 90% homology.


Thanks, It's a goat polyclonal antibody,
so the chance seems to be high.
I ordered antibody. Let's see.