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Blotting technique principle - (Dec/16/2009 )

Hi everyone,

I would like to known about blotting (southern, northern and western blotting) principle,
that same or difference with electrophoresis gel.

And do the blotting technique have to use marker/ladder as gel electrophoresis ?




there are many types of blotting protocols on the POL Home site (click at the top here)

for good general info about the background, although a bit archaic these days, principles and techniques are described in Maniatis, Maniatis, and Fritsch, Molecular Cloning Manual vols. 1-3 (I think it was Cold Springs Harbor?). old though it is, the technology hasn't changed, we all just have cooler kits and apparati.

something else that I often find useful when learning a new technology is to go to google and type: ".......... tutorial" so you can get explanations, often with pictures and/or animation. if you go type "molecular biology blotting tutorial" you should be able to find several good hits in first page or two.

good luck!