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proliferation assay for small cell population - (Dec/16/2009 )

I need to do a proliferation assay with a very small cell population from human tissue. I could barely get 50 K cells after 5 hours sorting. Cell cycle analysis is not practical because of the low cell number. I know that thymidine incorporation assay can work with low number of cells except it is radioactive. Could any body give me some other suggestions? Thanks a lot!


Do you have a time resolved fluorescence plate reader? PerkinElmer has a BrdUridine incorporation assay that will measure to a few 100 cells.


Promega makes the CellTiter-Glo luminescent proliferation assay. With some cell types you can measure as few as 5 cells in a well (96-well plate). It will require an instrument that can read luminescence. You may be able to get an introductory offer if you contact your local representative. Please let me know if you ahve any questions or feel free to cntact our Techncial Services.

Note- I do work for Promega.