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SDS-PAGE gel staining problem - (Dec/15/2009 )

hi there
I am new to this forum but hoping to get lots of help form you all.
I am facing a very strange problem with my SDS-PAGE. I am cloning my gene in E.Coli (BL21*DE3) strain. Expected protein size is 26KDa.
I have lysed E.coli cell with Lysis Buffer containing imidazol, triton-X 100, glyecrol etc. and protease inhibitor. It was then boiled and freezed repeatedly. After centrifugation the supernatant was treated with loading buffer containing beta mercaptoethanol, bromophenol blue, gylcerol etc. and bolied again for 5 min and then loaded onto 15% gel.
the strange thing is that, after staining with CBBR, i am not able to see any band on the gel, except prestained ladder and when i keep the gel in water (after complete destaining) then after 1 day (kept in water), the bands gets visible and shows the expression of my protein (very clear bands). :D
what is this happening???????
this doesn't happen when i treat my samples only with loading dye. As soon as i keep the gel in destain for 5 min, faint bands are visible.
is there any problem with my lysis buffer?????????
please help me out !!!! :P


What do you mean by complete destaining ? i mean for how long?