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Help for some general DNA Extraction Questions - (Dec/10/2009 )

Hi Guys,

Many of you seem to be having similar problems and instead of posting a reply for each one separately, I am posting a single post which might help you out....

For all of you who might be dealing with precious or difficult samples, unidentified contaminants after extraction or need to concentrate DNA, Check out an equipment called Aurora by Boreal Genomics. Its a very new one on the market and resolves a lot of issues with respect to sample size, contamination and extractions for out of the norm samples.



Hi Sashay77,

Many thanks for your concern!! This is the second post on the same day that you promote the same product...There are 2 points I wanted to point out...

1. I guess we have some nice people around here who are happy to share what they learnt from their umpteen mistakes and give personalized suggestions to the ones who need it so that we could stop the second person doing the same mistake again and solve it in a better way in first place! I believe there is no single equipment yet that could sense if it is processing a Human biopsy or Rat paw or a mango fruit and use the "pre-validated settings" for each...!

2. Most of them in bioforum has so many experiments to do with not much funds at their disposal, Hence we don't really think of buying an automated machine to do a few RNA/DNA isolation and spend all funds on the first step.

we will try our best to solve the problems without the Surreal..sorry, Boreal Aurora...If all of us run short of ideas, Now we know who to approach!! :)

Please do share your valuable knowledge if you can help the people around without making them try and buy this product.


gg (I hope my fellow bio-forumers would agree with me...If not, Please correct me)


I'll be working on the Aurora soon. I'll let you know how that goes :lol:


Hi GoGreen,

1. It is not an automated machine, its more like an electrophoresis unit which performs extractions. You can only process one sample at a time on one machine.

2. The system has been successful across a variety of samples because its key strengths are contaminant rejection and concentration of low sample volumes.

3. Each extraction needs its own lysis conditions, so there is no "pre-validated" one shot cure-all for all samples. It gives you great recovery from small samples, which is one of the problems faced when using column based/PCi methods.

Hi Maddie, What are you working on??? :lol:



You mean this?

It looks like a machine to me, although might not be automated, perhaps a manual machine that you are trying to tell us?

Thanks for the sharing, I think this might be a good machine, but as gogreen said, I don't think many of us afford to have one like this. Especially someone from a poor lab like me. :lol:

-adrian kohsf-

Hi Maddie, What are you working on??? :(


My extraction buffer is full of inhibitors, degraded collagen I was hoping to use this electrophoresis to purify and concentrate the DNA in the center of the gel. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, in the future, you should be able to add probes in the gel, so that you'll be able to target just the sequences you're interested in. A new way of enriching basically. I'm very excited by this technology. I heard the guy who invented it at a conference and jumped on him right after :(