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How much cell medium for 1 week of culturing? - (Dec/08/2009 )

Hello, this is my first time cell culturing and I just needed a rough estimate of how much medium your cells consume over a 1 week period (this is from thawing of the frozen cells to the 1 week mark, btw) for ordering purposes. I am using macrophages, by the way, if that makes a difference.

-prof. moriarty-

It depends in which disk r u growing them....5ml in T25 flask, 2ml in 35mm dish, 15 ml in T75 flask.this is the volume for one time culture and then split them when calculate acc to the time they take to grow.if two passages in a week...T25...5 ml to grow,4ml in typsin and 5ml in wash-conditions for 1 passage.

Hope it helps