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Growing bacterial culture - problem encountered in growing staphylococcus epidermidis (Dec/07/2009 )

I revived a new vial of S.Epidermidis and subcultured them into falcon tubes by picking up few colonies from plates. After incubation the OD is only .004 even after one day. What could have gone wrong? Does it require CO2 for growth? Also, any idea about its doubling time?


What medium do you use?

Maybe the stock is dead? Try to culture it in flasks instead of falcon tubes?



0.004? I don't think they grow at all. Normally bacteria will grow fast in incubator shaker.
Did you loosen your falcon tube cap?

Also, you revive and directly subculture on plate then only you subculture in broth? I guess it is better to subculture in broth for them to grow, then only select/ culture it on plate. It would be much more easy for bact to grow in broth.