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SYBR Green and Ethidium Bromide in same gel - Just out of curiosity (Dec/01/2009 )

Does anyone know if there is any interference/negative effects of staining an agarose gel, that already had EtBr added when it was made, with SYBR green? Would the EtBr wash out when staining afterward with SYBR? Would it just be brighter if viewed on a UV transilluminator or on a blue light? I would imagine it wouldn't interfere and if anything, you might see brighter bands. Perhaps they compete for the same sites though and then you only get SYBR staining. Maybe it's a dumb question but I don't know anyone who's tried it yet. I just happen to have a bunch of "EtBr prestained" agarose here though.



hey assembler.. that is an interesting curiosity tat u have.. i ve not tried it personally but i think ur assumptions are right... it will be just brighter.. i just wanna add a point tat ETBr interchalates and there is a chool of though that says SYBR Green binds to the minor groove of the ds DNA... so you see that notn necessarily they will fight for their places on the DNA!!! B)
All the best with that... the best way is however to use any one stain!!!

-Pradeep Iyer-

But please do report back if you do this and tell us how it went.