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Expired GE Hybridization Kit - (Dec/01/2009 )

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Hi everyone

has anyone tried using an expired (approx. 9 months ago) Gene Expression Hyb kit (Agilent)? I'm aware that it is still cheaper to buy a fresh one than to waste a microarray slide, and it is officially not recommended, but if it could be OK (components stored properly, like the redissolved Blocking Agent at -20C), it would be nice to use it...
Thanks for any advice.


not that kit in particular, but I've always used things expired, even up to a few years, and usually they're ok. sensitive reagents like peroxides and some enzymes, this doesn't apply.

hmm...tough call for you. I bet the kit's still fine, but nothing's a bigger waste of time and money than an experiment that has to be repeated.


Hi b_agnes,

if the components are stored well it should be good. I have tried with some old stuff and it used to work without any problem. If u have more of the lyophilized blocking agent, redissolve them...or use the one stored at -20.
The fragmentation buffer and hyb buffer are quite stable and can be used at a later time without any problem


Hi gogreen,

thanks a lot! This helped me to decide and I'll give it a go! Fingers crossed!



Hi agnes

You're doing it at your own risk. I cannot guarantee the success ;)

all the best :)


i recently finished off a kit that expired in november 2008 and it worked well until the last drop.

i am currently using a kit that expired the end of march and another that expired in july (all agilent ge kits).


with whatever i have observed till now.. i can in fact vouch with surity (only for the better companies) that the kits if stored in the proper storage conditions, work well till even after 6 months of their expiry. The R and D systems ELISA worked for me even after 1 and a half years of expoiry!!!
Best luck!!!! i m sure it will be fine!!
do tell us wat happened!!??!!

-Pradeep Iyer-

Thanks everyone for sharing the experiences, I'll definitely try it and will let you know how it went (maybe in January only as I have a long Christmas holiday :D)
all the best!


Hi Agnes, Are you going to use pretty old arrays too with the old buffers??


They were manufactured a bit more than a year ago. Why do you ask? I hope it doesn't add an extra risk factor...

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