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Anyone tried the Qubit? - (Nov/30/2009 )

Hi there,

I am looking at this and it seems to be much cheaper than a nanodrop. Has anyone used one? Is it easy to use? How long does it take to set up a sample?
Is it accurate?



Hi sran

I have a Qubit in my institute..we use it for more sensitive downstream process..otherwise we use NanoDrop...Eventhough it might be cheaper than the Nanodrop, working cost in long run would be much higher for the Qubit because it come with different assay kits for different stuff to be measured which would make the working costs costlier than the machine by the time you measure around 2000 samples! (the calculations are an average based on the listed price of the instrument and the assay kits)...The Nanodrop is a one time investment and no subsequent expenses involved except for occasional calibrations! Also you can measure DNA, RNA and proteins without any extra assay kits like for Qubit!
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