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Preincubation with glutathione - (Nov/29/2009 )


I want to know if a preincubation with the anti-oxidant glutathione (GSH) will abolish drug-induced ROS production in my cells. I'm searching in the literature for the right conditions to test this. As far as I found, a 30' preincubation (before I add the drug) is enough. I found different concentrations, but I think I'll use 5 mM. However, if someone has experience with this, please post here.

Also, what is the best solvent for my GSH stock solution? dH2O? Do I have to set the pH for this solution? Can I store this stock at -20 C?


To avoid ROS you should use N-acetyl cysteine. However I know that GSH also work because I have done and we have the draft to send the results. I encourage you to use the first one which is the most usually used and has better effect than GSH.
GSH is very soluble in water and I think is stable, but i use to keep at -20. Note that it could oxidize and not work.
Good luck!