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Page or HPLC primers - What is the difference (Nov/24/2009 )

The title says it all. Embarassing to admit I still don't know that, but, hey better to learn than stay an idiot, right?
So what is the difference between these 2? And what is the Purest? :angry:

My primers are between 30 and 37bp with a Biotin at the 5' end.

Here is what Invitrogen says:
HPLC: Guarantees highly purified primer required in some applications (=>85% full-length).
PAGE: Provides the highest percentage of full-length oligos (>=85%) required for certain demanding applications such as mutagenesis or adapter production
:angry: huh?


Oh and maybe I should have said that it's urgent because I need to place a huge primer order (almost 200) asap.


OKeeeeeeeeeeee, looks like I'm not the only ignorant around here :blink:

So I give you my findings. HPLC and PAGE don't use the same tecnhique to separate according to lenght/molecular weight/charge and from what I gathered, HPLC's purity is between 90-97%, wherease PAGE is between 95-99%.
They cost the same (at least with Sigma), so I doubt the difference is big anyway.

Ahhh don't I love talking to myself :lol: