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Optimal growth of Lactobacillus using yeast extract - (Nov/24/2009 )

We need a lot of Lactobacillus for our chicken trial experiment. But we have problem to grow them more in yeast extract based basal media. How/what to do to increase the OD and so more Lactobacillus?


try to use a suitable medium like MRS broth the pH of the medium, they are used to acidic conditions and do not like neutral pH like e.g. E. coli.

Additionally, do not shake them rigorously because as you might know they are microaerophilic. We cultivate them in capped 50 ml tubes at very slow shaker speed, only to prevent cells from settling down. Most strains have their growth optima at 30C ...take this also into account.



Thank you for the reply, Have a nice day :(