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GTP gamma S stability in soulution - (Nov/18/2009 )

I have seen vendors say that GTP gamma S is very unstable in solution and should be made immediately prior to use. I thought it was supposed to be nonhydrolyzable. The reason I was using GTP gamma S instead of GTP was that I thought GTP would hydrolyze easily. If GTP gamma S is so unstable I'd rather work with GTP, GTP gamma S is 20-30 times more expensive than GTP. Any thoughts on this?


when using gamma-s (we used atp-gamma-s, not gtp so i can't speak directly to it), the bonds resulting from its utilization in a reaction will be more stable (eg- thiophosphorylated compounds are resistant to phosphatase).

atp-gamma-s was stable enough that we were able to use stocks and working solutions over long periods of time.

you should check the data sheet.