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Q about the housekeeping gene - (Nov/18/2009 )

Hi all,
I'm now IBing a large protein(about 500KDa). I want to know if there is a large enough housekeeping control to do the IB on the same gel with the target 500KDa protein. e.g. we can choose alpha-actin(about 100KDa) together when studying the DMD protein(about 500KDa) in the muscle cells. so all the procedures can be complished just on one membrane. But alpha-actin is only expressed in the muscle. So is there another housekeeping control to use when IBing a large protein?

thank you



I am not quite familiar with the control proteins :angry: (only know actins)

I happened to get a list of internal control protein from my senior.
It is attached in word file.

Hope it can help
Attached File