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Verified RNAi Sequences - (Nov/18/2009 )

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know a database, where I can search for verified RNAi Sequences for siRNA, shRNA and miRNA?

Thanks for any help.




You can search validated shRNA from Sigma Mission shRNA If you want to use siRNA instead of shRNA, you can infer siRNA targets out of the shRNA sequence.


Hmm.. to my knowledge these are from the RNAi Consortium Sets/Dave Root - I was under the impression that this TRCN set is not completely validated.
Are you sure there is validation data for all constructs - if yes, where do I find it on the Sigma website?


Sigma's web site marked some shRNA sequences as "validated", but I wonder how they validated (reporter assay, qRT-PCR, or Western blot) and which one is the potent one. They are from TRC and the algorithm is old.

-Functional Screens-

The TRCN are validated by qPCR as far as I know (we got some of that data from TRCN directly) - overall knockdown efficiency in that dataset is between 20 and 90% from what I have seen - so quite variable if you want to use only one or two vectors.

I wondered if Sigma would have done some additional QC on that - seems they didn't.