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histological staining for plant cell wall components - (Nov/17/2009 )

Hi all,

I would like to stain cellulose and lignin in the cell wall and wonder what kinda stains are most suitable for fixed tissues.
I was told that for lignin with phloroglucinol, fresh tissues are needed. Are there any other stains that can be used to stain lignin of fixed tissues? I have currently fixed them in ethanol and acetic acid.

I've seen others who added formalin besides EtOH and acetic acid. Any idea how formalin fixes the what's the biochemistry behind it?

If anyone has a list of stains/dyes that can differentiate the different component of cell walls (particularly cellulose) and whether fresh/ fixed tissues can be used with the respective stains, could you please share it wi th me? Many thanks! :)



i'd recommend you the book "plant microtechnique and microscopy" by steven e ruzin. it's got tables of stains and many different protocols and tips for microscopy.