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Bone marrow storage - (Nov/17/2009 )

Dear all,
Greeting, I'd be using CD34 Microbeads (Miltenyi) to isolate CD34 from bone marrow, unfortunately the CD34 microbeads didn't arrive yet and i'm expecting to recieve a bone marrow samples nowadays. That's mean I have to store samples in -80 or liguid nitrogen.
I'd like to know what's the best procedure to store bone marrow in -80 or liquid nitrogen?
should I just add 5% DMSO to bone marrow samples?
add media (RPMI) + bone marrow + 5% DMSO?
Add Miltenyi buffer to bone marrow and 5 % DMSO?
Anyone would like to share his/her protocol?
Thank you in advance

Best regards


No one knows :rolleyes: