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Storage of sequencing files - (Nov/16/2009 )

Dear people,

does anyone know a software solution to the storage of sequencing files. I always have problems with handling them because you download them and put it in a directory but after a while hundreds of them are accumulating and if you are looking for a spcific one after a while its like searching a needle in the haystack! Is there a prog like for example itunes to handle sequencing files?

Many thanks in advance!



What operating system are you using?

If you know what you are looking for (it sounds like you do) use built in directory search software - Windows has this, as does mac ... linux probably does too.

If you are using a *nix based system (including mac) you could even use the terminal.

ls | grep -i myFile = would find myfile or myFile
find . -name \*myfile\* = would find xxxxxmyfilexxxxxx, where x is any character.
there is even "locate"

You could use a database - e.g. mysql. In this case a single table would suffice.