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Neurospheres - (Nov/11/2009 )

We currently work with mice brain slices to use our electrodes in order to make measurements. Though, we would like to incorporate the use of neurospheres so that we do not have to rely on mice, and instead can use our electrodes on neuron cell cultures. I only have basic knowledge about neurospheres and, as I understand, mice neurospheres are easier to do than rat neurospheres. So I wanted to just get some more information about neurospheres, various terminology associated with cultures in general (such as what are passages?), and the different methods to make these neurospheres. Also, it really does not matter to us if these neurospheres are rat or mice - we would be willing to go for the easier or the cheaper of the two.

I appreciate this. Cheers.


here is a protocol that i found by googling:

neurosphere protocol (nature protocols)