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iPS media - (Nov/09/2009 )

Another questions to get my cells going...

Is there a pH indicator for stem cell media? I am used to using phenol red in my culture medium but the recipe I am using for iPS cells does not include it. See below for 500ml total volume.

Final Concentration
DMEM/F12 5.85g
Knockout replacement serum 100ml 20%
L-glutamine 5ml 2mM
Nonessential amino acids 5ml 0.1 mM
2-mercaptoethanol 3.5ul 0.1 mM
bFGF, 0.5ug/ul 10ul 10ng/ml
Pen/Strep 2.5ml 50U/ml, 50ug/ml
Sodium bicarbonate 1.22g



When we prepare ES media we use DMEM/F12 media with phenol red already added.

On the other hand, I don't think the pH indicator is that important. When to change media or split colonies depends on morphology of iPS cells and signs of differentiation.