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Recycling coomassie blue - (Nov/09/2009 )

Hi everyone,

I have a simple question, When you stain your SDSpage gel with coomassie blue, do you recycle the solution?
I know we recycle ponceau solution but I have some doubts about the coomassie blue.

thanks :P


You can use it several times if you wish, at our protein-HRE we used it until there was to much precipitation on the gel


we used to reuse coomassie (r250) but found that our results would vary so we started using it once and discard.


we reuse coomassie regularly in our lab....havn't seen any problems till now


depends on the purpose... universally it is reyused.. but it is advisable for a identity method... for a method to be used as purity, if the solution is recycled more number of times (no of times here has to be researched) the LOD and LOQ can be compromised!!!
Best luck!!

-Pradeep Iyer-

Thanks, that's what I thought but I wanted confirmation.
I'm going to reuse it.

Have a nice weekend everybody