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labware for a new lab - (Nov/07/2009 )

Dear All
we are currently considering renwal of all our labware (clean bench, cooling centrifuge, CO2 incubator, plate reader, -80 freezer, -20 freezer, PCR cycler.......etc) does any one knows a good website for suppliers that are specialized in establishing new labs?


It seems that your lab is loaded. That's nice. If you want to buy everything new and do one stop shopping, you can talk to Thermo and VWR. They have everything you wanted. By buying everything from one supplier, you may also get deep discount. New labs also have extra discounts. If budget is tight, then you have to shop around such as geting freezers from Sears, PCR machine from some surplus stores.


You should talk to local manufacture's rep groups also. They typically carry all of the major equipment, but you get more personalized service and you don't have to deal with Fisher or Thermo or VWR, where the reps are constantly turning over. For multifunction plate readers for luciferase, DNA, etc check out the FLUOstar from BMG Labtech.


If your institution doesn't have a contract with specific suppliers, you could shop for commercial-grade refrigerators and -20C from local appliance stores.

Daigger and PGC were also helpful to me when we set up our new lab. They carried a lot of the general-use equipment and supplies. BioRad gave me a good deal on a package of several pieces of equipment.

-lab rat-

Watch out for home freezers -- may are frost-free, so they will occasionally warm up to melt out some ice. That's not a cycle you want to put biologicals through repeatedly. What do you call a freezer that doesn't do that -- non-frost-free?

-Jon Moulton-

Thanks, I forgot to mention that. I ask for manual defrost commercial freezers. I think mine are 18 cu ft., Frigidaire brand.

-lab rat-

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