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Gelatin coated dishes - (Nov/04/2009 )


I am new to working with stem cells and have a concern about gelatin coating. I made 0.1% gelatin and added 1ml/well of a 6-well plate. I incubated the plate o/n at 37deg. I aspirated the excess gelatin but it appeared that I had removed the entire volume without leaving much of a "coating."

How much of a coat should there be? Should there be a layer of gel at the bottom of the well or does it always remain a liquid? Also, I've seen that gelatin incubation can be completed in 15min. What difference does the length of incubation time make?

Thanks for the help!!


basically you are leaving a layer of protein on the bottom of the well, you are unlikely to be able to see this layer.


thanks, bob. i appreciate the help.