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Storage of Cy3/Cy5-labled cDNA - (Nov/04/2009 )

Dear people,

how long would you recommend the storage of indirectly Cy3/Cy5-labled cDNA at -80C? ...or is it better to store it at -20C? I've read in some manual that they recommend the storage at -20C for up to 1 week? That's a quiet short time! I've to do a lot of samples and hybridization of all of those samples will take more than two weeks! So is it really that big issue with storing labled cDNA on for a short time? What are your experiences?

Many thanks in advance!




we've labelled with Cy3 and Cy5 before (cancer and universal reference RNA), stored at -80 C, used it 2 months later and got really good correlation with samples from the start of the experiment. As long as you keep it from light and don't defrost it, it should be absolutely fine.



hi pDNA,

I have stored it in -80 and processed them after a month or so with no problem...protect the tubes from light and avoid freeze should be good for quite some time