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Isolation of genomic DNA from microbial consortia - (Nov/02/2009 )

Hi people i am doing my mini project in solid waste mangement.....
Is there any specific protocols to isolate the total DNA of the microbial consortia from the sample?


There are as many protocols as working groups. I would suggest you to do a literatur research, as the sucess of the method used is highly dependent on the sample AND the microbes you want to isolate (i.e. bacteria, archea, fungi,.....) AND the succesive methods used (i.e. PCR cloning, DGGE, SSCP, 454 sequencing,....).

I think your boss should provide you a protocol as well??


Most people do a DNA extraction from the soil/sediment matrix either using a kit (faster, generally increased purity/yields) or phenol-chloroform (way cheaper) and then follow with a community analysis method. You need to begin by deciding which analysis method you're planning to use and how much money you have to spend on it. I know this is vague but its true, your advisor should be giving you some of these pieces of information from the get-go.