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Reusing 96 well plates for PCR - (Nov/01/2009 )

Is it possible to reuse 96 well plates for PCR. If so, what is the best method to clean them.


I have not tried this, and would not do this for PCR reactions I cared a lot about, but I would imagine you can clean plates in a way similar to the regeneration of miniprep columns. Start with a 15 minute soak in 1 M HCl, storage in 100 mM HCl, and multiple washes in pure DI water.


i would never recommend reusing the pcr plates (unless u are talking about the unsed wells in the plates used once!!! :D )
Specially if you are gonna do a SYBR or a TAQMAN.. it can be a nightmare... watever method you use to clean.. if an error creeps in.. its gonna take the hell out of you to troubleshoot!!!

-Pradeep Iyer-