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best method for DNA extraction - (Oct/30/2009 )

Hi all

What is the best method for DNA extraction??

CTAB techniqe or using kits??

and why????

-noor albayan-

you didn't give enough information to answer that question.

"best" is relative to the application you want to use it for.


Also, what is your source material? Cells, water, soil, blood? Is your sample size limited so every ng of DNA is ultra-precious or are you interested in more cost-effective methods?


Thats right guys, there are quite a few parameters that u need to check
1. The downstream application
2. The cost factor
3. Ease of use
4. availability factor and there can be too many other factors

@ noor - Unless you specify what your requirement and constraints are, nobody can answer such a vague question! and definitely there won't be a consensus on the best method as different people use different kits and eventhough they know there are better kits available, most of 'em would still go with their tried and tested good ol' protocol!