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Postdoc where to go hmm - Europe versus USA (Oct/29/2009 )

Hi there
I'm wondering where to go for my postdoc starting summer next year. I'm working in Norwey now, where I got my PhD. I can not decide USA versus somewhere in Europe. USA is great but salary is rather low right, but then if not where in Europe Switzerland maybe. Gosh I'm making every day pro and con list and nothing, I'm blank. Oh I have PhD in Medicne, molecular biologists :P Enjoy the lab work people :)


IMHO, you shouldn't be making this decision based on the country or the effect one over the other will have on your bank account. Rather, you should make it on the basis of the lab you'll be working in, the PI you'll be working for, and (most importantly) the research you'll be doing and how it will further your career. This is especially true if this is your first post-doc...