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magnetic beads - magnetic beads for biological research (Oct/27/2009 )

Does anybody know where I could find paramagnetic beads with a parameter of about 100 micrometer?


you could try invitrogen dynabeads (i'm not sure about the size of the bead).


NEB also had them....and not sure about size too


Many many sources: Seradyn (Thermo Fisher), Invitrogen (Interfacial Dynamics), Varian (Polymer Labs), EMD (Estapor), Bangs Labs (Polysciences), Spherotech, and others......


We use the Seradyn ones.
Weirdly enough it's actually cheaper to buy a complete kit from Agencourt that contains Seradyn beads (for DNA extraction; Genfind v2.0) than buy the same amount of beads from Seradyn directly..