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Prevention of fungal contamination - (Oct/26/2009 )

Dear Forum,

I culture C6 glioma cell line, and I want to treat my cell with some compounds. Recently, I found fungal contamination on my DMEM, i have throwed it and make a new one. Is it oke to add antimycotic such as amphotericin B into my DMEM to prevent fungal contamination?

Thanks you for any suggestion



I have no experience in cell culture, BUT if you add ampho B this will inhibit only a small range of fungi. Many fungi (e.g. a wide range of airborne fungi which are probably responsible for you contamination) are tolerant or resistent against ampho B. I would suggest to work aseptically, this should do the trick so no risk with getting strange results bec. of the fungicide.


It is never a good idea to add antibiotics of any sort to your cultures, including antibacterials such as pen/strep. These can suppress contaminations which affect your cells in subtle ways resulting in odd and often irreproducible results. Sterile technique should be enough to keep your cultures clean.



ya i second bob.. i have always seen working aseptically the better alternative to adding anti fungal or anti viral agents to your culture medium!!!

-Pradeep Iyer-

Thank you very much for all of your suggestion, the key is aseptic work.