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doubt in gene annotation - doubt in submitting gene annotation to NCBI (Oct/24/2009 )

Hi All,

Actually this is the first time I am submitting sequences to NCBI and unfortunately theres no one to guide me on these lines
I have sequenced a genomic DNA sequence of a gene.
I didn't sequence cDNA .
but I did the following annotation based on the sequences already available in the NCBI db
it has few(22 bp of 5'UTR) bases,coding region,an intron inbetween and few bases of (160bp) of 3' UTR.
My doubt is wheather I have to mention the annotation part while submitting the sequence or is it must that I have to mention it only after sequencing the cDNA sequence.

ThanX a lot in advance.


You can add whatever you know. NCBI staff will examine your sequence after submission and will ask you if they have any question.