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Automated elisa work - (Oct/20/2009 )

Hi I am helping my group to look at automated elisa in a high throughput format. Anyone know any good products that do that?

I have heard of the no wash Elisa called Surefire made by PerkinElmer’s and TGR BioSciences, has anyone tried that yet?

Let me knowif it is of any good. Thanks


It kind of depends on your definition of high throughput for ELISA. There is one kit where all reagents are in the plate (Panbio)


Wow Cool.... Panbio technique is interesting. 2 enzyme subunit comes together to form an equivalent of HRP. I am checking for thier cost now.

How about Surefire? Has any one know about that? I had contacted them and their price is pretty good.

Also anyone know any companies provide quick and reliable Elisa system?