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Which techniques should i do? - Which techniques should i do? (Oct/20/2009 )

Dear all, i need information for qualitative and quantitative assay for total bacterial identification in human feces. but the bacteria is unknown.
help me please..

all i know is using 16s rRNA for bacterial identification, not in a quantitative way..

thx before

-claudia sondakh-

as far as i can recollect there is a kit available (sorry i forgot from which company) for strain identification. It uses RFLP to identify the bacterial strain. It does not cover all the strains ofcourse...
I don know if i could answer your question but if you can give more details it might be useful!!!
If you are referring to bacterial (any) identification then you can use the 16s region design a primer and do a Q PCR for quantitative estimation!!!
Best luck!!!

-Pradeep Iyer-

Usually for unknown sample, what we do is suspend into broth,do a growth curve study and then bacteria count by platting.

hope this helps you.

-adrian kohsf-