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Catalog numbers for coverslips and glass slides - Pl. Help (Oct/19/2009 )


I moved to a new lab and have to set-up things for IF. Can any of you guys tell me the vendor and catalog number of the following items. I would be very grateful

1. coverslips that fit-in to a 24-well plate,
2. standard glass slides with frosted-end
3. Good pointed tweezers

Thank you in advance,


Here are some examples. What country are you in?

1. See here.
2. See here
3. See here.


Thanks HomeBrew.
I am in US. Do you have the specific catalog numbers or which one I should choose among these? Last week I ordered a wrong kind of tweezers. They are not as pointed as I have used before.


Does also anyone knows about the catalog numbers of the square coverslips that fit into the 24-well plates. I can not find them on the web but have used it in my previous lab.


Hi Guys,

Pl. help. Its very simple. You have to just get up and see the coverslip box on your bench.

Thank you