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How to detect a gene having multiple isoforms using southern/northen techniques - (Oct/18/2009 )

My objective is to differentiate the expression of sucrose synthase gene between good grain and bad grain by southern or northern blot techniques now. Sucrose synthase has six isoforms. Isoforms 3 and 4 are expressed in the endosperm. Can One probe detect expression of both (all) isoforms?


-Jibesh Padhan-

So long as your probe is designed to the conserved sequence of the isoforms you should be able to detect all isoforms with one probe. Major problem will be if you want to distinguish the different forms - in which case you will need to work on the separation of the different sizes or use probes designed against the non-conserved regions between the different isoforms (presuming you don't have full length DNA in there)