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FuGene 6 "drop-wise" step - (Oct/15/2009 )

I'm just curious why FuGene suggests for their DNA-FuGene mix to be added in a "drop-wise" manner?
What can potentially happen if the transfection reagents were added directly into the media?

-Bill Nye-

Perhaps it damages the micells in some fashion if you mix too fast, or it could cause local heating or something similar


Thanks for the input bob,

Assuming that fuGene's secret voodoo mix creates lipid-bilayered micelles:
I was thinking along similar lines, to reason it out. I was thinking that...

1) the physical shape of the droplet may further induce micelle formation
2) the droplet concentrates micelles into a foci, so a small group of cells gets a heavy dose (like a shotgun)

However, wouldn't physical force from the droplet's impact on the media's surface break existing micelles within the droplet, making it counter productive? I'm just thinking out loud here... I like to know the rationale behind techniques, please share your insights :wacko:

-Bill Nye-