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platelet isolation - (Oct/08/2009 )

Hi there,

I'm looking for a method using centrifugation for isolating platelets in rat whole blood. I would prefer to use as few chemicals/buffers as possible. Also, I've never done this before, and it is not for DNA extraction. So far, I have tried spinning the sample in the lithium heparin tube down, removing the plasma, replacing the amount of plasma that was in the whole blood tube with saline, spinning again, removing supernatant, etc. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



How about the CGS buffer? Only 3 components. I use it to isolate rat platelet for aggregation and western blot.
good luck.


Thank you for your reply. CGS buffer? I'm unfamilar with CGS? I'm assuming it's a citrate?



NaCl 0.123M, d-Glucose 0.033M, trisodium citrate 0.013M, pH 6.5


Ah alright. Thanks for your help. I might try that method.


Hi Stacy,
Do you have good way to wash platelets? I'm also doing platelet isolation, we need wash platelets. The platelets are always activated after their wash.

Thank you very much,