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Quantiying bands. - Determination of protein contens (Oct/06/2009 )

Hy there,

I'd like to determine in SDS-PAGE the relative proportion of my purified recombinant protein.

Is there a software which I can check if my purified protein represent, for exemple, 90% of the protein content of the elution fraction?

Is there other ways to check the purity of my purification?

Thanks in advance.


You can try using QuantiScan or ScionImage. You ll first scan the image, convert it to grayscale, highlight the lanes, then measure the intensity. You can then express the values obtained to percentage relative to a standard sample.


if u want a quantitative estimae, it can be done by any gel doc system
if a qualitative result is fine for you, try running a 10% solution of the pure protein and compare the intensity of the impurities of your fraction with this 10% and tat will give u a qualitative estimate!!!
Good luck!!!

-Pradeep Iyer-